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      Air Freight
      we are committed to providing you not only the best service
      Custom Clearance
      Declaration services and seamless customs declaration services
      • Babysitting puts you out of your misery.

        We have professional team work, one-to-one window docking, personal follow-up orders, standardized process operations, personal service, focus on customer experience. Detailed record customer order requirements, establish customer base file, skilled operation, simple and quick communication, positive and rapid response, every order to do with heart, become your side of the small cargo Butler.

      • 15 years of industry experience to protect your cargo.
        Deep farming agent industry for 15 years, has been focusing on the first-line agency business. Long-term operation of various trade terms transportation orders, familiar with textiles, machinery, shoes, precision instruments, construction engineering, automobiles, yachts, garments, furniture, home appliances and other industries import and export transportation business, only need a complete packing list invoice, It will help you handle all the import and export matters properly.

      • One-Stop Programme to Meet Your Logistics Needs

        We use the first-line price of shipping, land transportation, air transportation, multimodal transportation and other ways to provide your goods with the best quality, the best price, the most intimate logistics supply chain solutions. We will undertake export tax rebates, collect payment on behalf of customers, ship shipments from third party countries, long-distance customs clearance delivery, overseas relocation, and import and export of personal goods. More than 80 countries in the world have more than 300 partners, covering all aspects of the world and providing seamless connectivity for your goods. Make sure it's safe and fast.

      ABOUT US
      At O&D SCM we fully understand that your logistic needs are as distinct as you are. Therefore we provide customized, tailor-made service to you. We treat every cargo as our own. We follow principle with people-oriented, goods-oriented, and starting from the heart.
      WHY US ?

      . Professional teamwork
      . 15 years of industry experience
      . First-hand cost bookmaker accurate cost control
      . Modern enterprise management system operation
      . Domestic and overseas wholly-owned holding companies